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my life motto

life is like (for me)
if there are 2 boys, both chubby, one is tall and the other one is short
both running together

we do not know who will win at the finish line

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the importance of “save” button

or icon

or whatever it is where picture below reminds you when you use PC (personal computer), laptop, tablets, smartphones, etc., to save your file before you finish it.




We live in a world where sometimes we can make our ‘mistakes’ subconsciously in terms of human-gadget interraction.

Therefore there is this post to remind how important one button that we always see every time we operate or use software in these digital hardwares, the save button. As an engineer, this button (or icon) is very important to us. Not only when we work in the work-related software (engineering software), but also to some general software use, such as word processors, spreadsheets, databases, etc. If we know the 3 basic flowchart steps of using software, input-process-output where we know the most obstacles that we may find is in the step of process, save button is a very important thing.

What does it mean by the obstacles? Depends on many things, hardware problems (fully equipped), electrical (sufficient power), enviroment (temperatures, other things).

The point is the save button is a very important button when it comes to finishing our continuous work. Therefore never forget to press this button when we are in front of our work, or otherwise we must do our work from the beginning.

Other interesting point is

Why up till now this icon is still used where we know floppy disk has been old enough, and for now it is flash disk (or USB – Universal Serial Bus flash drive) that obviously more popular and more useful as the icon.

Isn’t it ?

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join us into the underwater hockey club

today is considered as one of my milestone where I finally appear

ON TV ! 🙂 🙂

I just saw my self on tv, recorded in one of private television in here

joining a quiz named ‘Komunikata’

This quiz is presented by involving 2 groups where each of group has to gain their scores to win the quiz by performing the game. The game is set to let the participant to guess a word by giving clues. There are specific rules regarding this where you can see it in the video.

The main point why I got this chance to join the quiz is to promote my club.

It is Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club. This club is located in Central Jakarta. I initially joined the club in the middle of 2016 but then I have to work outside this city. When I came back to Jakarta in the beginning 2018, I decided to come back again.

Since I was kid, I had my hobby swimming. This is my favorite sport and activity I do every leisure time. I can do all the style of swimming, freestyle swimming, breaststroke style, backstroke, even the butterfly style (but only 25 m, I am on my 30s now) 🙂 .

I am interested to join this club because underwater hockey is a very unique sport. It involves a combination of swimming ability, agility, and endurance for you to bring the puck to the opponent goal posts set. According to several internet literatures, it is written this sport is played firstly by the British. Obviously this sport is played based on the previous hockey where it is usually played in the icing place. If we refer hockey to the puck, I think this is a very unique evolvement where hockey can be played in any parts of the world (not only in the location where there is ice or snow) therefore I join it.

During this writing, I am still in my beginner level in this sport. If you want to play underwater hockey, the equipments needed to be prepared include its goggles in the form of diving mask (not the one for swimming), fins, stick, rubber gloves for underwater hockey, snorkel tube, and the puck.

By this writing, I also would like to promote my club, so

Join us in Jakarta Underwater Hockey Club !

We are currently playing in Bulungan Swimming Pool, Central Jakarta every Monday and Thursday from 7 pm to 9 pm. It is open not only to the one who can swim, but also who would like to learn to swim.

Details can be seen on the Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. See you !


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odd or even number

a unique interesting fact

do you know

people around Jakarta, Indonesia who has odd numbers in their car has more benefit (their own benefit) than people with even number in their car to use their cars in the main road of Jakarta.

Recently there is a new regulation of the government of Indonesia, notably from the governor of Jakarta to set a rule where at 6.00 to 10.00 and 16.00 to 20.00 there are only certain cars who can go in the main street of Jakarta, from Sudirman to Monas, depending on the date number at that time. For example, people with their even car number can go in the main street at the date 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, etc… so that people with their odd car number can go in the main street at the date 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc…

This area is called ‘3 in 1’ area because it is used to be a ‘3 in 1’ area before, where the regulation before had been set people who bring car in this area had to be at least 3 people in the car (including him/her as the driver). I don’t know why there is no new term for this area for the new rule. Probably ‘3 in 1’ sounds cool.

Regarding this new rule, some people who have their workplace in the main street of Jakarta have to set their schedules to use their own private car, which is the main objective of the governor, reducing the use of cars used in the working day and increasing the use of public transportation.

The interesting fact regarding this new rule is

every month with 31 days for one month has given more flexibility for one more day for people who have their odd car number to use it in the main street. Why ? After the 31st day of the month, they get a chance to use their car again in the main street at the next day at 1st. In conclusion, from each one more day in January, March, May, July, August, October, December, there are 7 more days for odd car number owners to get a chance exploring the main street of Jakarta. Interesting, isn’t it ?

hopefully I can be one of those

(: 🙂

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fun fact living in norway

Two years experiencing life in Norway gives a lot of memories that I think I have to share it.

These are some experiences I get when I lived in Norway from 2012 to 2014. Maybe one day I will go back there (I don’t know).

  1. You can sell any type of phones there. I sold my blackberry there. At that time I have seen that there is no type of this phone sold there. I guess unique types of electronic is wanted and in demand in this polar country.
  2. If the currency of 1 $ (USD) is equal to 8 or 9 NOK, then this fact is true for the use of 1 $ in Norway. It is a bit expensive lifestyle you will experience there. Even in Oslo, you will have to pay 10 NOK to go to toilet. As I remembered, I have never had my breakfast bought in the street or super market during my life there. You will be able feeling the difference when you travel outside Norway. Try Europe. three-beers-a-glass-of-wine-what-1-will-buy-you-in-europe
  3. Different type of toilet without water pipe. I did not know typical toilet in other countries but I saw a lot of typical toilet without water pipe with it in Norway. There are only tissues for cleaning therefore it is a bit weird to have this sort of toilet in urgent need 🙂 The water pipe is a sort of nozzle where the valve can be adjusted to spray the water. ht1m9nyfghxxxagofbx9
  4. As I have let you know that you can sell anything in Norway in no.1, another unique (yet fun) thing I have in my experience during my life in Norway is selling plastic bottle. Each plastic bottle is valued around 2 NOK (for 1.5 liter bottle) per bottle. It is very innovative to recycle these bottles into a new usable thing by buying them from the people who have used them.
  5. Most of the tap on the sink provide water that can be drunk without preheated. Even if you travel outside Norway, you will be missing the freshness of the water. And when you get back to this country and immediately you drink the water from the sink. Ahhh… heaven.. 🙂 *true story tap-water-5a0346c0482c52001aea6061

So that’s all some life experience I had when I was living in Norway as a student. I believe each person had different stories about it.



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Bosscha Observatory

This was a journey in March 2018.

Bosscha Observatory was built in 1923 in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia. Interesting fact about this laboratory that it was told this laboratory was built and funded by a guy who is not a scientist nor researcher. His name is Bosscha, a horticultural businessman from Netherland.


Bosscha Observatory is an area use for an experimental work in astronomy or observation of outer space thing, such as planet, star, comet, asteroid, etc. It is seen by the latest that this laboratory is still depending on the old power system.


There are a lot of telescopes located here in terms of the level of the shape. We had a chance to see the biggest one.


It is located on the left bottom corner from picture above. The main telescope (or the biggest one) is Zeiss telescope with its diameter 60 cm and 10.8 m long connected to a computer system. It was told the weight of the telescope is similar to 17 tonnes. Bosscha bought this from Germany in 1923 and since then there are lot of researches held by the astronomic, not only from Indonesia, but all around the world. Another interesting fact about Bosscha Observatory is its strategic location to have a wide research about galaxies. Indonesia is located in equator area, meaning if we divide earth into 2 piece in transverse, a telescope located in north area of earth can only depict galaxy in north area. Therefore a telescope area in south area only depict galaxy in south area. Since this telescope is in equator area, fortunately any experimental work using this equipment can have a wider range of study area. That is why there are lot of researchers coming to this place to have their own research study.



A bit detail regarding the place of the telescope, it is a dome with several uniqueness built along with the telescope.


The top of the dome is a flexible roof top that can be opened up to 2 m.


The bottom of the dome is a flexible floor that can be lifted up and taken down up to 40 – 50 cm.


If we see it in details, we can see the bottom part of the ring in the dome is a simple fabricated foundation made of steel structure. Therefore there is a limit of people who can stand on the ring area of the telescope where the maximum total weight of people standing there is 200 kg.


All of the top part of the wall is upholstered with a sort of cushion material to have a soundproof in the dome.



Some of the research result that has been held in Bosscha Observatory can be seen below.


Previously in the old time this telescope has been known as one of the biggest telescope on earth. With recent development, the latest telescope has a diameter 10x Zeiss telescope. It is informed that there will be a new big telescope which will be built in Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia and installed in 2021. Although the place of the telescope is far away in the east of Indonesia, the control system is planned still in the Bosscha Observatory.